TCUS Event - Thanksgiving Postcard 


Thanksgiving day is around the corner.
Studying in a foreign country, there must be someone you miss very much in your hometown.🥰
Do you want to convey your gratitude to your beloved family or friends?💕
No problem! We are here for you!
Tell us anything you want to say,
(Please no more than 100 words.)
We will make a delicate postcard and send it out for you.📪

Sending  a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart 💌

Fill out the form now!🥳
‼️One postcard for each sender
We will send out 30 postcards for who fill in the form and you also have the opportunity to win the gifts.🎁

📌Because of COVID-19 and the mailing time in each countries is different,we can't estimate the arriving time of the postcards.