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Activities’ Duration: 2021 Fall Semester                                                                        中文版

Step 1: Add OIA “LINE Official Account” as a Friend 

(1) Scan the QRcode  or   (2) Search OIA's LINE ID: @oianchu


Step 2: Activate Your Line Reward Card

Click “Reward Card(集點卡)” on the menu below.

Step 3: Collect the Points of Reward Card by Joining OIA’s Activities

Once you collect 6 points, you will receive:
(1) OIA Gift  (2) 50 Line Points   (3) A Lottery Ticket (The lottery ticket is only available for NCHU students.)

Gift list of the lottery:
Gift 1:AirPods, NTD5,290 (2 person)
Gift 2:Audio-technica Bluetooth headphones, NTD2,790 (3 person)
Gift 3:Caves Books Gift Card, NTD 800 (10 person)
Gift 4:FamilyMart Gift Card, NTD 500 (15 person)
OIA will announce the award list on our website and email the awardee on 12nd Jan, 2022.

OIA Scheduled Activity in 2021 Fall Semester (1 point / per activity)

Link Activities Language Dates Methods How to get point
End Welcome Party of Int’l freshman Students
(Int'l freshman students and student buddies ONLY)
EN Sep. 26 Online (Virtual) On-site: Scan QR code
End Virtual Info Session for Exchange Student Applications and Experiences Sharing CH Sep. 30 Online (Virtual) Virtual: Scan QR code
Sign Up Virtual Information Session for Exchange Programme from Overseas Partner Universities
(1 point/ each event day)
EN Oct. 20-Nov.12 Every Wed. and Fri. Online (Virtual) Virtual: Scan QR code
Sign Up India under Coivd-19 (Speech) EN Nov. 25 Online (Virtual) Virtual: Scan QR code
Sign Up Class of International Pioneer Club EN Nov. (TBD) Onsite (TBD) On-site: Scan QR code
Sign Up 2021 European Film Festival (Opening) CH Nov. ~ Dec. (TBD) Onsite (TBD) On-site: Scan QR code
Sign Up Int'l Volunteers Open sharing CH Dec. 7 Onsite (TBD) On-site: Scan QR code
Sign Up OIA Tracker (Virtual Game) CH/ EN Dec. 20~Jan 7. Online (Virtual) Virtual: Fill the online questionnaire
Sign Up Christmas Party by IPC EN Dec. (TBD) Onsite (TBD) On-site: Scan QR code
Sign Up NCHU Anniversary CH/ EN Dec. 11 (TBD) Onsite (TBD) On-site: Scan QR code
Sign Up Information Session of Outbound Scholarship CH Dec. 20 ~ Jan. 10 (TBD) Onsite (TBD) On-site: Scan QR code


★OIA will adjust our schedule/activities constantly in accordance with the Central Pandemic Command Centre's announcement.

NEW Friend Gift: Be a friend of OIA Official Line Account and get free 50 points (Quota is full)

★First come, first serve/ 200 people limited

After you add OIA’s official Line account, please send the message of your student or staff ID number + your name + OIA520 to us. Ex: 4110587777王大明OIA520
OIA will send the 50 Line Points to you after Sep, 23 if you are eligible.

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More promotion of giving free LINE points will be announced during the semester unregularly.
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