University of Tuebingen-Teach@Tübingen


It is a programme for early-career researchers who are interested in research and teaching at a German top university. It is a fantastic opportunity for these researchers to gain international experience. The fellowship is fully-funded. 


PhD candidates in an advanced stage of their doctoral studies and Postdocs who have earned their PhD in the last 4 years preferably from strategically important partners of the University of Tübingen (according to the list of eligible partnerships).

*PhD candidates and postdocs who are currently or have been funded by other projects at the University of Tübingen or already had an employment contract at the University of Tübingen in the past are not eligible to apply.
*PhD candidates can only apply if the graduation is scheduled before the start of the fellowship. The fellowship can only be granted subject to the completion of the doctorate.  A corresponding confirmation (at least about the submission of the dissertation) should be submitted before the start of the fellowship, otherwise the fellowship will be postponed to the following semester.

Application Requirements
  1. Academic relations with the potential hosting professor at the department where the fellow is planning to spend his visit are essential.
  2. Teaching
    • Classes of at least 2 teaching hours per week (2 SWS) must be held.
    • The classes offered must not replace the basic teaching (basic/undergraduate classes or introducory classes) and should be designed to attract a various number of students.
    • We want to prevent the courses offered from reaching only a very small target group of students.
    • The courses offered should be open to the public and accessible to all students.
    • The lessons offered should be held in English or another foreign language (philology).
  3. t is mandatory for the fellow, to attend an introductory meeting and workshop on teaching at German universities in the two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

*Please note: Teaching is a very important part of the program. The quality of teaching will be given special consideration in the application process.

  • Duration of stay: 1-2 semesters, but maximum 2 semesters (1 year)
  • Arrival period: 15-31 March (starting summer semester) or 15-30 September (starting winter semester)
Application Deadlines

June 20  (visit from April 1 of the following year)

November 20  (visit from October 1 of the following year)

How to Apply

On-line Application:

Futher  Information: