【OIA】NCHU Scientific Strategies and Health Education to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Distinguished Professor Chia-Lin Chang

Vice President for International Affairs, NCHU

The year 2020 has been full of challenges and difficulties because of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. On March 17, 2021, President Dr. Fuh-Sheng Shieu, NCHU was invited by the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) to share the experiences in scientific epidemic prevention of National Chung Hsing University at the conference “2021 Taiwan-Australia Higher Education Network Forum". President Shieu’s speech has received enthusiastic discussions from the partner of Austrian schools.

In order to spillover NCHU's effective scientific measures for the welfare of overseas students in continuing their education and to maintain the close relationship of NCHU with their partner universities worldwide, President Shieu’s speech was published as a briefing in the "Scientific Epidemic Prevention and Health Education Vision".  This combines the key announcements of the Central Epidemic Command Center and the epidemiological knowledge on virus transmission risk and it was issued in bilingual versions both in Chinese and English by the NCHU Office for the International Affairs.

The NCHU epidemic prevention timeline was divided into the following: “high risk”, “low risk”, and “potential risks” periods.  The implemented prevention measures in three periods are closely linked to the core of NCHU Scientific Control which are (1) Possess an instant national and international information on COVID-19 pandemic; (2) Pre-emptive actions and standard precautions; (3) Provide correct public health measures for personal protection; and (4) Promote preventive measures with CARE and EMPATHY.

The "Scientific Epidemic Prevention and Health Education Vision" would like to express their sincere gratitude to Chair Professor Jyh-Horng Chou, the Vice President of National Chung Hsing University for leading the “NCHU Infectious Disease Emergency Response Team” in managing the situation during the epidemic prevention period. A heartfelt thanks to Distinguished Professor Chao-Chin Chang, the Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health, for providing professional advice and helpful comments. Moreover, great appreciation to the faculty of NCHU who participated in this long fight against this pandemic, including the Office of Secretariat, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of International Affairs, Office of General Affairs, and Computer and Information Network Center for the care and empathy in dealing with the crisis and completing scientific epidemic prevention.

Finally, this briefing was made by Distinguished Professor Chia-Lin Chang, the Vice President for International Affairs, NCHU, Distinguished Professor Chao-Chin Chang, Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health, NCHU, the three excellent young team members of the Office of International Affairs, NCHU. namely Miss Meng-Chen Yang, Mr. Chun-Han Shih, and Miss Ching-Yang Siang,.


Download “Scientific Epidemic Prevention and Health Education Vision” (PDF)