【OIA】Global Movie Series Event



活動地點: 綜合教學大樓 Y102

活動日期: 110年3月18日(五)、3月22日(二)、3月25日(五)及4月1日(五)

活動時間: 17:30~21:30


NCHU OIA is giving us an opportunity to showcase Indian Movies on the campus. We have organized an event on 18th March i.e. Friday evening from 17:30 -21:30. Everyone is invited to participate in the event. Please do register and invite your friends to participate.
OIA will also provide snacks for the attendees. We also hope to have some meaningful discussions around the movie.
There might be a few gifts to you never know.

Hope to see you guys soon! 


Halo semua!!!    Hello, Everyone!!!

OIA x NCHU's International Students hold the event called "Global Series Movie" 
Tired of study or work or research and want to have quick escape? Bring your friends or your beloved ones and enjoy Indonesia's best movie!!! 


🤟รักกันวันนี้ดูหนังฟรี วันที่ 25 มีนา 😍🥰
👇Let's Watch a Movie and know more about love perspectives in Thailand.
🤟 Let's talk and share together on March 25.
Enjoin the show 😁😍🥰



“Goodbye Mother” addresses a number of social issues. The movie tellsa story of the conventional parental expectation for a happy home with grandchildren. The in-law and heirloom conflicts. On top of that, It also depicts the homophobia that has been deeply rooted in the mindset of the Vietnamese.
Let’s watch and share your point of view!
Hope to see you around!❤️


3/18(五)-印度-史丹利的便當盒 3/22(二)-印尼-天虹戰隊小學 3/25(五)-泰國-限時好友 4/1(五)-越南-我,最親愛的