【OIA】NUST Free Field Trip: Let's get to know Taiwanese Oxen Farming Culture!

※Only after remitting your deposit can your application be secured! 

🐂 Let's learn about Taiwan's ox culture and protect these precious animals and cultural assets!


Background Info 

Changhua's Xizhou district is an important center of Taiwan's traditional ox-farming, 
known for its rich ox culture. Guided by the local revitalizations team, students will have the opportunity to understand the journey of symbiosis between farmers and oxen, interact with the cattle first-hand, and experience the charm of the enduring agricultural heritage.

Meanwhile, Changhua's Fangyuan district is famous for its sea ox culture. 
People living by the sea used sea ox to assist oyster farming. 
In 2020, it was registered as Changhua's first intangible cultural heritage under the category of "traditional knowledge and practices". With only eight sea oxen left in Taiwan, they are incredibly valuable. We invited the founder of the Sea Ox School to share with us the beauty and sorrow of sea ox and oyster farming.


🔸 Get to know the oxen in service ( oxen ploughing & rice growing)
🔸 DIY ox manure incense
🔸 Learn about oxen's daily care and how to interact with these beautiful animals
🔸 Oyster farming experience
🔸 Visit Sea Ox School
🔸 Seafood porridge / grilled oyster

Application Link & Deadline Nov. / 14th (Tue.)  12:00 pm

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Registration deadline:  Nov. / 14th (Tue.)  12:00 pm
However, If the seats are fully booked before the deadline, the form will be closed.  
Remember to remit the deposit ASAP to secure your application.

💵A deposit of NT$ 500 is required.

1. We will email the remittance info to you. After receiving it, please remit the deposit within 2 days. If not, your application will be canceled.
2. Once the organizer receives your deposit, a confirmation letter will be sent to you via email.
3. Only those who participate in the whole tour will be refunded.
4. [Attention!!] Due to school accounting regulations, we will need your ARC No when refunding. and bank account.
※Only after remitting your deposit can your application be secured! 

◇ 歡迎攜帶學伴參加
Your friends from Buddy Program are also welcome! Make sure they fill in the application, too.

Tour Information

◆  時間 Time:  Nov. 24th (Fri.) 08:00 - 18:00
◆ 地點 Venue: 彰化溪州 & 彰化芳苑  Changhua County
◆ 交通: Bus 
◆ 報名費用 Registration fee: Free

Two Gathering Points to check-in

1. Gathering Point 1:
07:50 am, NCHU Administration Hall, 1F. Leave at 08:00 am. 
2. Gathering Point 2:
08:20 am, Taichung High Speed Rail station No.6 Exit. Leave at 08:30 am. 
3. We will email a pre-departure notice on Nov. 20th ( Mon. ) Remember to check your email.

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