【Career Talk: Being an Innovative Industry Entrepreneur】

Jeff Hu, the founder and CEO of Turing Chain, was previously invited as a research scholar, UC Berkeley Blockchain X-Lab.

Turing Certs was founded in 2020, builds a borderless digital trust network with blockchain technology, serving many traditional industries and government agencies to advance digital transformation.

OIA invited Jeff Hu to give a lecture in English to share his entrepreneurial career experience in innovative industries with the students. Jeff will describe his career of establishing Turing Certs, his professional background, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Sharing all those valuable experiences, Jeff and his insight as a successful entrepreneur will help students enhance their international horizons and provide entrepreneurship and career advice. 


Time: 2024/4/24 (Wed.) 14:10~16:00
Location: Library 7F The First Meeting Room
Language: English
Number of Applicants: 49


1. This lecture is entirely in English, and no real-time translation will be provided on site.

2. Meal boxes will be provided at the event and will be distributed at the end of the event.

3. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please cancel your registration by email in advance to notify the waitlist.

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