Taiwan confirms first imported case of "monkeypox", so for inbound travelers, you are suggested to be aware of suspected symptoms


Cases of Monkeypox outbreak in non-endemic countries have been rising around the world, moving from previous rodent-to-human transmission to human-to-human transmission.

According to CDC, a total of 3598 monkeypox cases have been confirmed since the global outbreak, predominantly in Europe and the Americas; the U.K. has reported the most cases (793) so far, followed by Germany (592), Spain (520), France (330) and Portugal (328). As for Asia, confirmed cases have been reported from South Korea and Singapore, adding Taiwan, where a 25-year-old student who recently returned from Germany has been diagnosed with monkeypox on June 24, as the first imported case.

To prevent infection with the monkeypox virus, teachers and students who plan to travel abroad should avoid contact with suspected cases, and when symptoms such as fever, unexplained skin rash appear on the face, inside the mouth and hand, feet, chest, genital or anus, and swollen lymph nodes appear while traveling from the abovementioned countries, you should report to the airline staffs and airport quarantine inspectors, and seek medical care immediately. Tell the doctor your contact and travel history and report to NCHU Health and Counseling Center right away.

For more information, please check out the Taiwan CDC website or dial 1922(or 0800-001922), Taiwan CDC toll-free hotline. 

Source: Taiwan CDC