The Center for Engineering Education Development (CEED) Internship program at Hokkaido University (HU)


    Our internship program is open to any international student who is currently enrolled in university outside of Japan. We have been welcoming interns from more than 40 countries. CEED supports interns throughout the application process. We handle visa application and housing as well. An introductory guidance including campus safety information will be held upon arrival.


    Applicant must be a student who is enrolled in regular course (undergraduate/graduate) at any universities outside Japan, or at least must be a final year student whose next course admission is already approved – for example, the 4thyear Bachelor student who will continue studying at Master’s level and have received acceptance from the prospective course. Please note that we cannot accept students who already graduated or are not enrolled in any universities.

Depending on the length of internship, 1 or 2 credits will be given to the interns who are currently the students at one of the partner universities of HU.

Course Title Required Period Number of Credits
Internship I one week or longer 1 Credit
Internship II more than 2 weeks 2 Credits

1. Receive Informal Consent of Internship Acceptance from Prospective Supervisor:
Applicant is required to look for the laboratories and contact his/her prospective supervisor at HU by email to get consent on his/her internship program at HU.
We recommend that applicant to attach some supporting documents such as CV, abstract(s) of academic paper, or transcript(s) to let his or her prospective supervisor consider easily.
(Ref.) Division and Laboratory: List
(Ref.) HU Researcher: List
2. Decide Internship Period and Research Theme:
Applicant is required to decide his/her internship period and research theme at HU (basically up to 6 months) by consulting with his/her internship supervisor.
3. Prepare Documentation:
Applicant is required to submit the following materials to his/her supervisor desirably 3-4 months prior to the beginning of his/her internship. Applicant can receive these (A to C) forms from CEED Office.

A) Internship Application Form
B) CV ※ Original format is acceptable.
C) Covenant
D) Certificate of Enrolment /Student ID (Copy) ※The certificate must be issued in English.
E) Scan of your passport (Copy)

4. Obtain Japan Visa:
Japan visa necessity basically depends on the nationality, the types of passport, and the length of stay in Japan. Applicant needs to check its necessity on the following website, and consult with his/her internship supervisor and/or CEED about the necessary procedures: VISA / Residing in Japan on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Due to circumstances on approval of Japan visa in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the submission of above documents is not a guarantee of his/her internship at HU. Since it varies depending on each application, we cannot provide any information regarding the visa processing times.

5. Apply for Accommodation:
Applicant who hopes to use HU accommodation needs to consult with CEED office. Due to the limited number of rooms, unfortunately, HU cannot always guarantee the room for internship students. Other than HU accommodation, applicant also can stay at private apartments.

6. Inform Your Arrival Schedule:
To start his/her internship smoothly, applicant is required to tell his/her arrival date and flight information to CEED office in advance. If necessary, CEED can arrange pick-up at JR Sapporo Sta.

For Inquiries:

CEED Industry-Academia Collaborative Program
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Tel : +81-(0)11-706-7163
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