2024 Chinese Language Proficiency Test Exam

1. Test registration method:

(1) Formal examinations of various tests: Individual registration is required. Candidates are required to go to the "Chinese Language Proficiency Test Online Registration System" to register during the registration period.

(2) Listening and reading test pre-test:

1. Individual registration: The pre-test fee is NT$200.

2. Our current students can enjoy a 10% discount for applying for the TOCFL exam, please refer to the attached file "Discounts on TOCFL Test for NCHU Students" for more details.

2. Registration related links:

(1) Official examination schedule for 113 years: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/sign_up/tw/list/1 .

(2) Year 113 pre-examination schedule: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/sign_up/tw/list/2 .

(3) Online registration system: https://reg.sc-top.org.tw/ .

3. Learning resources:

(1) Online simulation test: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/exam/test/page/19 .

(2) Download mock test questions: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/exam/test/page/1 .

(3) Detailed explanation of mock test questions: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/exam/study_resources/page/5 .

(4) Study Guide: https://tocfl.edu.tw/index.php/exam/study_resources/page/3 .



1. Discounts on TOCFL Test for NCHU Students

2. 2024 TOCFL Schedule in Taiwan

3. 2024 TOCFL poster