NCHU OIA celebrated 102nd Anniversary by holding International Festival Market to promote exotic culture and cuisines.

National Chung Hsing University held the 102nd anniversary celebration on Dec. 11th, 2021. The Office of International Affairs(OIA) organized two preeminent events—International Students Parade and International Festival Market, both of which bustled with crowds and laughter.

The anniversary celebration commenced with parades that featured international students with their national flags and traditional costumes, which was one of the most anticipated annual activities for them. Subsequently, there were a costume runway show along with interactive games in which the audience had a great time.

The International Festival Market was held on the campus lawn adjacent to the Administration Building in the afternoon, co-organized by NCHU OIA and international student representatives. In order to bring international students closer to other exotic cultures and further facilitate cultural exchanges, OIA designed intriguing activities at twenty-three stalls. They were set up by students hailing from countries including India, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Haiti, Philippines, Malaysia, Turkey, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh, France, Indonesia and Vietnam, showcasing their countries’ unique characteristics by providing local cuisines, music, clothing and handmade crafts activities to students and staffs. Not only NCHU students but local residents participated in our celebration.

“NCHU OIA has been setting great store by campus internationalization, cooperating with international students to plan both the parade and the international cultural affairs annually, which meaningful and rewarding for NCHU students alongside nearby neighborhood residents,” said Dr. Chia-Ling Chang, the Vice President for International Affairs, National Chung Hsing University.