NCHU Coping with COVID-19: True Stories from International Students


Source: Translated by Prof. Clyde A. Warden/Yu-Ying Chen, Office of International Affairs of NCHU

The Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the globe and people in Taiwan have been working hard to protect the vulnerable while keeping the economy moving. International students, who left their homes to study at NCHU, are part of that effort and have faced many challenges. This is the story of three such young people who have bravely overcome difficulties while making important contributions to Taiwan.

The stories of three international students from Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia are told in this short documentary titled “NCHU Coping with COVID-19: True Stories from International Students” including in-person interviews and moving experiences. This film presents a range of foreign students’ experiences that make Taiwan the diverse and multicultural beautiful island it is.

Currently, NCHU has over 400 international students who contribute to a rich environment and receive support from the university through LINE news updates, psychotherapy services and funding, and travel entry procedure assistance.

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Three NCHU international students sharing their true stories of coping with COVID-19.


The Philippine Ph.D. Student worried about his family when they tested positive.


The Indonesian Ph.D. student published two research papers in international journals during the COVID lockdown.


The Vietnamese Master student found a way to cope with the loss of her family members to the pandemic.