【OIA】Reopen! May 17th-18th / 2024 NCHU Open-Air Film Festival:Shimmering Sunset

Reopen! May 17th-18th see you there!

Do you remember last year's film festival? 
We're back with a brand new theme! 
Building upon the warmth of "Embrace" from last year,
this year we emit our energy in the theme of "Freedom."

Core Value: Human Rights and Freedom

This year, the festival will center around "Human Rights and Freedom"
aiming to use film as a medium to shed light on past and ongoing global events,
uncover hidden issues, and spark further discussions.

The origin of the Event Name

"I wish to shine like the afterglow reflected by the setting sun,
illuminating this dark history, preventing the repetition of past mistakes."
This is how Chen Xinji described it in "Spring of the Saddle Vine."
We wait for the dawn in darkness.
If defending human rights and striving for freedom is a rough,
arduous, and dark path, then may we become a glimmer of twilight on this road.
Sunset, without the glaring and harshness of the midday sun,
nor the fearless breakthrough of dawn's light,
but we also firmly believe, we are not the only light on this dark path.
As the sunset reflects upon the earth, 
we meet under the shimmering twilight, 
illuminating you and me, lighting the darkness.

Festival Info (Music, Movie, Bazaar, Exhibition, Picnic and Flea Market on-site)

Event Date | May 17th & 18th
Event Time |  Market and exhibition starts at 16:00 / live bands starts at 17:20 / film starts at 18:45
Location | Hui-Sun Auditorium front field, NCHU
Event Fee |  Free
Contact  | @nchu_intuitive_observer
[Link to Instagram page]
In the afternoon, there will be vendors and exhibition areas themed around human rights and freedom, allowing participants to explore the market and exhibitions before the evening screenings.

Movies Schedule: May 17th "The Broker" /  May 18th "The Untouchables"

"The Broker" 
Themes/Issues: Child trafficking, family, trauma, abortion
Duration: 129 minutes
"The Broker" begins with a baby protection capsule where a single mother,
portrayed by IU, abandons her child. While the child was supposed to be adopted by the church and sent to an orphanage,
it is intercepted halfway by Kang Dong-won and sold along with Song Kang-ho, who runs a laundry shop.
(Excerpt from [source] (https://www.elle.com/tw/entertainment/drama/g40369015/broker-movie-review/)
"The Untouchables"
Themes/Issues: Freedom, human rights, race
Duration: 113 minutes
"The Untouchables" follows the story of a wealthy tycoon, Philippe,
who becomes paralyzed from the neck down after a skydiving accident.
He hires a young black man, Driss, as his caregiver.
The collision and fusion of two worlds lead Philippe from a disdainful attitude
towards black people to an understanding of the injustices they face,
giving birth to an incredible and marvelous friendship.
(Excerpt from [source] (https://www.hypesphere.com/tag/movie/45)