【NEWS】2024 NCHU International Open-air Film Festival: Celebrating Human Rights and Freedom

The Office of International Affairs at National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) hosted the 2024 NCHU International Open-air Film Festival, "Shimmering Sunset," on May 17th and 18th. This festival, organized in collaboration with the student organization I/O (Intuitive Observer) and the NCHU International Volunteer Club (NCHU IVC), focused on the themes of human rights and freedom. It featured outdoor film screenings followed by discussions, live band performances, a themed market, four static exhibition zones, and a second-hand eco-market at the Hui-Sun Auditorium. The two-day event aimed to celebrate the freedom of Taiwan while encouraging NCHU students and faculty to reflect on the importance of human rights.

The event was co-planned with the help of students and invited artists, featuring four exhibition zones: "Born" (discussing race and social minorities), "Choices" (discussing humanitarianism and the right to life and death), "Identity" (discussing gender freedom), and "Freedom" (discussing political freedom). Ten artists, including Thumb Owl Yuyu, Xiao Yong, Bias Warehouse A-Bian, Liang Diu!, INDA, Handmade Crafts by Mona Tsai, Joe Heart Magazine, Burg. ceramics, Veramic Pottery Studio, and Rouser Living Illustration, created unique, warm, and intricate works using paper, fabric, ceramics, chenille flowers, and oil painting paper, significantly enhancing the exhibition zones.

Post-screening discussions featured lawyer Tseng Yu-yu and film critic YouTuber Robbie from the Robbie Channel, who analyzed and shared insights on the films "The Broker" and "The Untouchables." Lawyer Tseng Yu-yu discussed the issue of baby trafficking from a legal perspective and the dilemmas within human rights, while Robbie shared the significance of comedy through both emotional and rational lenses.

During his opening remarks, the Senior Vice President of NCHU and Dean of the Office of International Affairs, Dr. Chou Chi-Chung, praised the significance of the event. He noted how the combination of films and the four exhibition zones on the themes of freedom and human rights allowed participants to engage with serious topics in a relaxed manner. He emphasized the importance of appreciating and being grateful for the sacrifices and efforts of predecessors, especially in light of the global turmoil caused by the Palestine-Israel conflict. Dr. Chou also toured the exhibition zones, listened to student guides, and admired the exhibits, witnessing the students' and creators' talents.

Chen Xinji, a victim of the White Terror, described himself in his memoir, Spring of the Saddle Vine, “I would like to be like the afterglow of the light reflected by the setting sun, illuminating this dark period of history, so that the history of wrongs will not be repeated.” This year's NCHU International Open-air Film Festival, "Shimmering Sunset," aspires to be a beacon of light in the fight for human rights and freedom. We firmly believe that we are not the only light on this dark path.

Market vendors were recruited to the event site, where visitors could sit on picnic mats and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.


Group photo of the Office of International Affairs staff.


The static exhibition area exudes warmth and inclusiveness.