NCHU ARCH Magazine's Seventh Biannual Issue




The 7th issue of "NCHU ARCH" was officially published in April 2024. The core theme of this issue is "Dialogue", exploring the multifaceted dialogues between people, history and culture, technology, and the world. Through the four main pillars of "Ascension", "Research", "Collaboration", and "Heritage", the issue showcases NCHU's efforts and achievements in humanity and Nature, as well as heritage and innovation.

The "Ascension" section introduces President Fuh-Jyh Jan's governance philosophy of "Coordination, Enthusiasm, Innovation, and Action". President Jan encourages students to engage in interdisciplinary learning and leverage their potential. He actively promotes research focusing and strength integration. Additionally, he also engages in dialogues with faculty, staff, and students, to significantly improve their welfare. Furthermore, he strengthens international administrative support and creates an internationalized, friendly campus, leading NCHU towards a new era.

The "Research" section focuses on "digital humanities and digital learning", showcasing Professor Kun-Hung Cheng's advancements in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to enhance learning. Professor Cheng serves as the Director of the
Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies at NCHU. The dialogue between technology and history and culture has sparked remarkable outcomes. Professor Cheng was previously ranked in the "2020 Highly Cited Scientists" list by Stanford University, which recognizes the top 2% of the world's most influential scientists.

The "Collaboration" section introduces NCHU's dialogue with the world through the implementation of the Taiwan Huayu BEST Program. It features the teaching practices of Chang-Ching Lin at Brigham Young University, and Wan-Ling Wei at CUNY Brooklyn College. They have integrated popular Taiwanese cuisine into their teaching, creating engaging learning experiences alongside tailored Mandarin instruction. This showcases Taiwan's soft power in education, inspiring students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese and allowing the world to see Taiwan through its language. In Taiwan, NCHU's excellent environment has emerged as an ideal setting for immersive Chinese language learning, attracting international students who, with Chinese as their wings, can explore and create a grand journey on this picturesque island.

The "Heritage" section introduces the efforts of NCHU's Indigenous Student Resource Center (ISRC) in protecting, inheriting, and promoting Indigenous cultures. The center's core spirit is "The Original Never Fades - Together We Shine." It provides quality interactive environments through rich resources to unite Indigenous students, deepen their cultural identity. Additionally, it facilitates dialogues between students and history/culture through tribal visits, lectures and exhibitions. These activities also enable dialogues between different Indigenous groups, promoting mutual understanding and respect. NCHU has long been dedicated to Indigenous cultural identity and inheritance, hoping to keep Taiwan's multiculturalism shining on the world stage.

Finally, the magazine showcases the artworks from NCHU Art Center's exhibition " The Universe is Unyielding: Hui-Tang Lin and Ying-Hui Ge Oil Painting Exhibition". Hui-Tang Lin excels at integrating cosmic imagery with Eastern and Western cultural symbols, while Ying-Hui Ge's art conveys ecological concerns, both embodying the dialogue between art, nature, and life.

Sincere gratitude to all the invited authors who have contributed to ARCH. The 7th issue of NCHU ARCH is also available online. Readers are welcome to scan the QR code below to access the full magazine content.