【OIA】2023 NCHU Ambassador (2023 Summer Enrollment)


Recently, more and more international students are interested in studying in Taiwan, so we hope to enhance the popularity of NCHU. As a student of NCHU, you must have many wonderful experiences and ideas to share with your junior schoolmates, family members and friends, and even the world. Therefore, the Office of Internaitonal Affairs would like to invite you to become an ambassador and promote NCHU from your perspective. Come and join us!


  1. International students (including students of dual degree programs) and overseas Chinese students studying at NCHU.
  2. Students can join individually or by groups (except for Project 2 - Personal Experience Article)

Service Projects

  1. Back Home/Online Promotion
  2. Personal Experience Article
  3. Short Film
  4. Distributing Promotional Materials

*Students can participate in multiple projects. (Maximum of three applications for each project.)


Registration Period

From June 16, 2023, to June 30, 2023 [Extended to July 30!!]

How to Register

Fill out the online form during the registration period.

Final Work Submission Deadline

September 15, 2023

How to Submit 

Upload your final work to the designated location after completion.


Projects Project 1: Back Home/ Online Promotion Project 2: Personal Experience Article Project 3: Short Film Project 4: Distributing Promotional Materials
Quota of Awardees Up to 15 groups Up to 30 people Up to 15 groups Up to 40 groups
Amount of Award

NT$ 2,000

*If offical documents are provided (ex. Invitation by the school/teacher), a bonus up to NT$ 3,000 will be awarded)

NT$ 500 NT$ 5,000 LINE Points 50 points

Rules for Receciving Awards

  1. The payment for all projects will be reviewed and awarded by the Office of International Affairs in accordance with the rules after the deadline of receiving the works.
  2. Students are required to provide their residence permits and sign the relevant written documents when receiving payment. In addition, for students who have resided in Taiwan for less than 183 days as of the date of receiving payment a 6% income tax will be deducted from the amount paid.

Work Requirements

Back Home/Online Promotion

  1. The theme should be focused on the introduction and promotion of NCHU, with no restrictions on the form (such as presentations and lectures), and the duration of the event is flexible.
  2. The target audience for promotion shall be at least 5 people.
  3. Regulations on the Promotions After Returning to the Country:
    • It is recommended to promote in your alma mater/home school or the school where you teach.
    • Photos or video recordings are required during the event.
    • Photos or video records, participant lists, and their email addresses should be provided after the event.
  4. Regulations on Online Promotion:
    • Online Promotion can be performed through online software such as Google Meet.
    • The entire process should be recorded, and the link to the recording, participant list, and their email addresses should be provided.
  5. For related promotional materials and supplies, please apply for Project 4 - Distributing Promitional Materials.
  6. For those who have official school certification documents (such as certificate of appreciation, service certificates, invitations, etc.), an extra bonus up to NT$ 3,000 will be awarded.

Personal Experience Article About Studying at NCHU

  1. 800-1000 words in the student's native language (preferably) or English.
  2. Theme: Must contain at least two of the following:
    • Reasons for choosing to study at NCHU
    • Introduction of your department
    • The experiences you have gained during your study at NCHU (e.g. professional knowledge, etc.)
    • Extracurricular activities during the school period (e.g. internship, campus activities, etc.)
    • Reasons for recommending others to study at NCHU
  3. Attached with 3-5 photos.
  4. Photo specifications:
    • The image file formats shall be JPG or PNG. The recommended size for photos is 1920px in width and 1080px in height.
    • The photos should be taken on campus or at events organized by NCHU. At least one photo with yourself in it.
    • Provide a brief text introduction for each photo (in the student's native language or English, with a maximum of 100 words).
  5. Please name each work file according to "Student ID - Name - Theme - Nationality" and submit both Word and PDF files.
  6. Please download the article format here.

Short Film

  1. The theme is flexible (such as shooting a vlog of daily life, interviewing your classmates, etc.), with a focus on introducing NCHU (such as presenting campus landscapes and activities). You can also introduce why you chose to study at NCHU.
  2. The maximum duration of the film is 8 minutes (including the opening and ending), and the subtitles shall be presented in bilingual (student's native language and English).
  3. The logo of the Office of International Affairs and National Chung Hsing University should appear at the beginning and the end of the film. The formats of video and audio should be MPEG4, AVI or WMV. The file name should be named according to "Student ID - Name - Theme - Nationality".  (NCHU LOGO, OIA LOGO)
  4. It is prohibited to combine multiple photos into a video, and it should be presented in a dynamic manner. It would be better to show bilingual signs and facilities on campus.
  5. When applying, a brief script (one page of A4) should be provided, and the completed work should comply with the script provided.
  6. Please download the script format here.

Distributing Promotional Materials

  1. When applying, specify the number of flyers/brochures and promotional materials you want to receive, the recipients of distributions and the locations of the distributions.
  2. After distribution, please provide photos and recipient information (names and emails) to redeem the LINE Points.


  1. The works should be original and copyighted (works that have not participated in other competitions and won prizes). It is prohibited to reproduce, copy, synthesize, plagiarize, copy others or violate public orders and good customs. Additionally, it is obligated to ensure that the work does not infringe the trademark, patent, copyright, and other relevant laws and regulations of the thrid party. In the event of disputes over rules or copyright, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify an entered work and recover an awarded prize. If notified that the entered work's copyright is in dispute or is in violation of intellectual property rights, the work may be disqualified by the organizer; the entrant is liable for all legal repercussions and compensation arising from related disputes.
  2. The property rights of the subumitted works and the digital files of the original works (in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of Chapter III of the Copyright Law) shall be transferred to the organizer as of the date of announcement of the prize, and the winner shall promise not to exercise his or her moral rights against the organizer. The organizer has the right to use the work of public purposes (such as publictiy, decoration, exhibition, publication of newspapers and magazines, webpage production, publication, sale of publications or printing of books, etc.) without extra remuneration.
  3. Reference link:
  4. The Office of International Affairs reserves the right to reserve, add, modify and change any terms and coditions for selection.


  1. Is it a one time job or a long term work? 
    Currently this will be a one-time project, however if the result is positive, OIA might consider to make it into a regular project.
  2. If I want to take part in 2 categories at once, namely 1 group category and 1 individual category, is that possible? /
    Can I both participate as a group for “filming” and individual for writing “personal experience gained from studying at NCHU”?
    Yes you can. One student can participate in multiple projects, both individual or in group.
  3. What’s the benefit of being NCHU ambassador after an international student graduate from this school? 
    We can provide service certificate for those who participate in this ambassador project.
  4. Would we certainly get the reward once submitting the piece of work?  How we get the reward, by cash or online transaction?
  • Whether you receive the reward depends on the number of submission and if your work meets the requirements.
  • OIA will send pre-approval email after the registration deadline to confirm with your application.
  • The reward will be transfer to your account by school.
  • In terms of payment, if you participate as a group, the reward will only be transfer to one of your account. 

Contact Us

Ms. Makayla Lin, International Support Services

Office of International Affairs, NCHU

Tel: 04-22840206 ext. 48

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